Nomitex, ltd provides comprehensive client implementation ideas from design development, mold manufacturing, procurement of raw materials to finished products of the highest quality.
Nomitex, ltd pays great attention to the service, and in particular: maintenance and storage moulds, warranty and post-warranty repair molds.
Among all the known methods in the production of plastics processing one of the most complex in terms of the tool used is injection moulding. In this method, the manufacture of parts for each part (group of items) necessary to design and manufacture the mould.
Mould - a device for producing products of various configurations of metals, plastics, rubber and other materials under the pressure produced by injection molding machines.
Moulds used in injection molding of metals and plastics. Distinguish many types of moulds: manual, semiautomatic and automatic, with horizontal and vertical planes of the connector, with one or more planes connector.The mould consists of a fixed part (the matrix), and the movable part (punch), forming a cavity which is the inverse (negative) imprint outer surface of the workpiece. In the same mould can be formed simultaneously several parts (multicavity moulds).The supply of material to the cavity through the runner system: central, diluting and the gate, and extraction of the finished product - using the ejection system. Depending on the material and the requirements for the detail in the mould supports a specific thermal balance. To control the mould temperature generally is water, by passing it through a special cooling channels.
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