Mould is a sophisticated device for producing products of various configurations of metals, plastics, rubber and other materials under the pressure, produced by injection molding machines.
The basis for the mould is stainless steel, which goes through various stages of processing. During operation, the mould will be exposed to pressure and temperature, so steel, which made the mould, should be of high quality and resistant to different kind influences.

Classification of moulds:
-   By hardness: roasted / raw
-   By type of runner system: cold / hot
-   According to the ejection system: the pushers / plate removal. 

Nomitex uses modern technology in the manufacture of moulds and provides a complete technological cycle tooling:

1.   Milling on CNC machines
2.   Electro-discharge machining on CNC machines
3.   radial drilling work
4.   coordinate boring and milling
5.   grinding
6.   heat treatment
7.   polishing

We offer production of any kind of moulds :
-   From simple to complex - on our tool production in Kiev .
-   Large (from 500x500 mm to 1800x1800 ) - in China , according to our design documentation, our quality control and under our guarantee.

All stages of production ( from 3D models prior to acceptance ) supervised by our firm. Maintenance and service moulds provided by the company Nomiteks, ltd, Kiev . Nomitex provides the guarantee on these moulds. Shipping, customs clearance provides Nomitex.
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