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  • Comprehensive work from "A" to "Z" for the mass production of plastic products
  • 3-D modeling
  • Designing moulds
  • Moulds production
  • Manufacture of plastic products
  • Application of customer's logo on products
  • Maintenance and storage of moulds
  • Assembly, packaging and shipping of products to the customer's warehouse
  • Industrial design: design concept for a new type of product or the improvement of existing ones
  • Prototyping: Prototyping new products on a 3D printer.
  • Project estimation
  • Advice on the selection of optimal mould (number of caveties, type of gating system, metal ...).
  • Selection of the optimal product material
  • Warranty and service moulds
  • Preservation and storage of moulds between production cycles.
  • Optimization of moulding cycle
  • To all our customers, we provide assembly, packaging and shipping products on their warehouse.
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